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Our products make a subtle change in appearance, yet a dramatic upgrade to the performance and protection on any style glass and shape of a window. The material comes in 6 foot widths and this allows us to tint 99% of the windows in one continuous piece.

Improve sunlight through professionally installed window film:

  • Stay Cooler by Reducing Excessive Heat gain
  • Stops 99.9% of Damaging UV Rays
  • Reduces Air Conditioning Costs by up to 30%
  • Reduces Glare
  • Manufacturers LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Recommended by Decorators & Interior Designers
  • Maintains the Natural Look of your Home
  • Choose from several options from invisible to a glare reducing shade

What can you expect on the day of the installation?

  1. We first take note of the furniture layout so we can carefully return any items back in place at the end.
  2. Then we carefully move any items blocking our access to the window. If you have custom installed blinds, we can leave them in place and cover with plastic sheeting.
  3. We cover the floor with clean drop cloths and hang plastic sheeting on the window sills to protect your interior from any water.
  4. We use only distilled water and baby shampoo throughout the installation. The cleaning is done with squeegees and glass safe razor blades.
  5. The film is installed similar to wallpaper and trimmed in place. We leave a very slight gap between the edge of the film and the frame. This allows us to effectively press the water out of the film and keep a clean bond to the glass.
  6. Once installed, we clean off the window and surrounding frame.
  7. As we wrap up and remove our things, a constant visual inspection and touch up is done.
  8. We carefully return any furniture and decorative items to their original layout. Please feel free to direct us with the exact placement at any time during this final stage.